Gratitude Quotes

Gratitude Quotes

Gratitude Quotes

Best Gratitude Quotes to keep you grateful and smiling!

“As we express our gratitude we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” -John F. Kennedy

John F Kennedy Quotes:

Every single morning I wake up and I practice gratitude.

All of the incredible things that have happened in my life were NOT an accident.

They were blessings that gave me incredible opportunities to do ANYTHING that I wished to do.

“Gratitude helps you see what is there, instead of what isn’t.”

Gratitude quotes are everything sometimes! What I mean by that is that when we practice gratitude, we turn what we already have into feeling like everything is #ENOUGH (including ourselves)!⁣
When we realize that what we have is enough, we invite fulfillment AND happiness into our lives.⁣

Gratitude quotes can help us so much yet we don’t put enough emphasis on this practice!
The most beautiful aspect about being grateful is looking at ALL that you have (that many others don’t) and being genuinely thankful for everything that your life is composed of (people, experiences, things, etc.,) By doing that- you are also inviting more to be grateful for into your life. 

“We need much less than we think we need.” -Maya Angelou

I love Maya Angelou and Maya Angelou’s quotes! This is one of those quotes that speak volumes without much wording. I’ve got more things than I need, there’s no doubt about that. But when I get rid of the things, a little more space opens up in my life. More space to think, to be, and to create. Throw out anything you don’t need. Trust me, not only will you not miss whatever it is you got rid of- but you also will realize you never really needed it, to begin with.

“Love Now.”

Love now! Be grateful for all that you have now. Whether it’s the person you share your joys and faults with or whether it’s the bed you get to wake up in happily. You could always have more, but you could also have less. Take a moment today to acknowledge all that you are thankful for, and it will only add up.

When you concentrate on the negative; on not ever having enough, then you’ll never be happy. You will always be searching for more even after acquiring what you’re looking for. It’s all about acknowledging and being thankful for the present.

So choose love NOW, choose gratitude NOW, choose the choices that empower you instead of disempowering you!

Everything in life is a choice, including how you get to show up for yourself and your life. Don’t wait for life to deliver you anything if you’re not willing to meet it halfway – even if that begins starting with your belief system! Don’t overthink it, life is short and you are here to cultivate and spread joy and love from the inside out! So begin today; love NOW!

“The more you praise and celebrate your life the more there is in life to celebrate.” - Oprah

There’s always something to be grateful for in your life. If you can’t find it, then you’re not looking hard enough. Whether it’s the clean water you can drink, the airplane ticket you can buy, or the comfy bed you wake up in every day – there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for in our lives. And the more we can recognize it as Oprah says, the more there is to celebrate. The only way to truly test this hypothesis is by simply cultivating this practice in your life!

You can easily cultivate this habit and start your day on the right foot by simply stating all the positive things and moments from the moment you get up! I’m grateful for a clean toothbrush that enables me to take care of myself, I’m grateful for this yummy cup of coffee, I’m grateful for breathing, I’m grateful for serenity, etc., these are mere examples of what’s already within you!

What are you grateful for? What can be taken away that you may forget to thank today? Oprah has an amazing book, What I know for Sure, I highly recommend it as it gives a beautiful illustration of what it means to cultivate gratitude into your life and how to celebrate yourself. It’s a process that begins inside out,I encourage you to look within and find the magic that you’re withholding from yourself and this world!

“A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.”

Looking for miracles? Gratitude quotes are my favorite! It’s such an easy and efficient way to step into gratitude and feel like you have everything, including miracles and more. The beauty of gratitude quotes is that you don’t have to do much but find the gratitude quotes that resonate with your soul and that’ll deliver the miracles for you!

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” - Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar summed up the importance of gratitude best and I couldn’t agree more with this statement. It’s also the most fulfilling emotion.

The problem with gratitude is that, in a way, it’s almost *too convenient* and too easy. Which isn’t something we want even though that’s what we are searching for. But it’s true, as Zig Ziglar says, cultivating gratitude is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. Where you are finally recognizing that what you have is enough instead of not enough. Where you realize, that all you have in your life; whether people, things, your health is not something you’d trade with another person. The power is in being able to see and recognize that within yourself. Today. Right now. What are you grateful for? What can you feel good about?

The best way to cultivate gratitude is by attaining a gratitude journal and writing down five things that made you smile or put some love in your heart that day.

I love to start my day by naming happy things in the morning that I am doing and then finishing off with 5 things that made me happy that day. EASY peasy way to become a magnet for miracles!

“If you want to find happiness, find gratitude.” -Steve Maraboli

Steve Maraboli quotes are amazing and this quote on gratitude is a part of the happiness recipe. When you are able to realize all that you have and learn to be grateful for it, you quickly become a magnet for more things that serve your highest good and the highest good of all WHILE bringing all the love to your heart!

An amazing way to start your day with gratitude is by saying thanks for all (as soon as you open your eyes!) and then naming whatever else in your life and finding the positive in that.

To conclude your gratitude practice and incorporate Steve Maraboli Quotes into your life; simply write down five things that you are grateful for on this day that brought additional love into your life!

You can start now by simply naming all the feelings in you that bring you love and joy in your heart! Maybe it’s your dog? Your kids? Your hubs/wifey? Your friends?Your peace and serenity? Go ham on this fun activity! It only raises your vibes even more so!

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” - Marcel Proust

Marcel Proust definitely knew what was up when he channeled this beautiful quote! Do you have a human or a few that make your world go round? Grab your phone immediately and text them how much they mean to you. You don’t know anyone’s deadline. And nothing beats telling someone you care about how much they do for you whether they realize it or not.

Having the right people in our life literally determines the course of our lives as we are sharing energy and constantly exchanging the energy to and from one another. So choose wisely when choosing your tribe! As Marcel Proust Quote goes, let us be grateful for all the humans in our life that bring love and joy into our hearts effortlessly. May we be grateful for the unconditional love and support that we receive on a daily basis not just for the humans in our life, but for all that is around us including mother nature herself!

Be grateful for it all – because you could always have more, but you could also have less!

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” - Aesop

Aesop breaks gratitude down really simple; you could always have more, but you could also have less. Always be grateful for what you have for some people have nothing at all. Life isn’t about how much you can acquire to look good. Life is about being happy with what you have, and you’ll always have more. Be grateful for everything and everything that puts a smile on your face- from the bed that you sleep in to the person that keeps you company through your struggles to the toothbrush to clean your teeth.

What Aesop is saying here is that gratitude can be the answer to our happiness inside out, we just have to cultivate it by literally putting energy into it! By practicing being grateful every day – whenever we can, but minimally on a daily basis. All it does is make us a magnet for miracles, what more could you ask for? Happiness is already within you, you just have to open that door!

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