Best Coronavirus Quotes And Positive Sayings

Best Coronavirus Quotes 

And Positive Sayings

According to reports the coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic by WHO, people all over the world started panicking. Entire cities were put under quarantine for weeks, and many people are struggling to keep their sanity in difficult times like these. Shocking attacks, anxiety, stress, overthinking, etc. Staying home and reading a book or cooking is fun for the first few days; after that, many people start to struggle when they are closed in four walls for a long. And the media is not helping at all. The news about the virus is everywhere, forecasts are not good, and the numbers of infected people keep rising, so it is hard to escape from negative thoughts.

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The whole world is under great challenge to fight against the biggest threat, COVID-19. People are panic about the situation that's becoming worse day by day. Unnecessary rumours and difficult circumstances have worsen everyone's lives. What's in our hand is just to be at our residence, spend lots of time with family, explore different things and overcome all ups and downs bravely. So, here are some good quotes, sayings and captions that will boost you to be strong mentally. Please go through this and share it among your caring family members, lovely friends and relatives. Stay safe. Stay home.

1. Better to stay at home than in a hospital.

2. Coronavirus patients die alone in a hospital bed without a family member to hold hands with. Think about that before you go out.

3. Stay clean, stay hygiene, maintain quarantine, stay away from corona so that you may live long.

4. While you're alone in self quarantine, learn to value the sound of silence.

5. Let us all pray for a cure for the coronavirus.

6. * Wearing face mask is better than wearing ventilator mask.
* Staying in your room is better than in ICU.
* It's better - washing your hands, instead losing your lives.
* Praying is better than complaining right now.
Stay home. Stay Safe.

7. Home is the safest place right now.

8. We have to stop this virus otherwise it will stop our breath.

9. Social distancing is great for all people.

10. Coronavirus is not a joke, God please! Protect my family, friends and humanity.

11. Stay away from people so that you can stay away from the corona.

12. COVID-19
We will remember this era till the last breath of each one of us, how people were crave to step out of home.

13. Corona is the enemy, we have to fight but at our home alone.

14.  What I love the most about staying at home to self quarantine is spending time with my family.

15. C - Clean your hands
O - Off from gathering
R - Raise your immunity
O - Overcome circumstances bravely
N - No to panic, yes to precautions
A - Aviod spreading rumours

16. Dear God, please put an end to the coronavirus. Amen

17. Please take out a single minute from your 24 hours and pray for each and every person infected from corona. I guess that one minute is not more important than anyone's life. Whosoever reading this, please stay safe and take every possible precautions you can. Amen.

18. COVID-19
when is over...
Let's remember that it wasn't the CEO's & Billionaires who saved us. It was the JANITORS, NURSES, DOCTORS, COPS and other hard WORKERS.

19. Lessons from Covid-19
1. Life is short
2. Jobs are temporary
3. Health is wealth
4. Always save money
5. We need god to survive

This was it, now share these coronavirus quotes and sayings with your friends and family to make everyone aware about self-hygiene. Stay protected, Stay healthy! Take care everyone!

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